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June 22, 2010

New Pornographers Violence Update

Found video of Neko's freakout:

I just wanted to note, this only shows PART of the freakout.  It went on much longer than this, and cuts off just before Case makes comments about the CD lob showing "hatred" - and that in America, that's the way things are.  

Still seems amazing some boy with a fetish didn't feign responsibility just to get a whoopin' from Case.   


Anonymous said...

I was at the HOB show. Thanks for posting the really great youtube clips. You got two of the highlights of the show IMO -- the opening Spanish Techno (chills when Bejar walks on stage) and the sublime Challengers.

I would politely disagree that Neko took that big of a nutty. First, it only lasted 2-3 minutes. I think the CD came from someone in the middle, not too far from the front of the stage, though it's possible I'm mistaken since I was shit-bombed on bourbon. I also thought Neko was only joking about being pissed off, but it's possible I was offbase about that. Either way, thanks for posting the nice vids. This is such an awesome live band. I didn't really like the new album, but they still are a huge treat to see perform. So talented, so dynamic.

mzamar said...

I am entirely open to other opinions on the Neko anger thing. I'll just say I think she was justified in being PISSED, cuz really, who attacks a band like The NP? Its like getting heckled at your own show. Regardless as to how really angry or joking or whatever it was - it sure did interest a lot of people!

SadafFayyaz said...

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