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February 21, 2011

Mitch Easter of Let's Active - Live 2011

Just back from catching Mitch Easter of Let's Active at Johnny D's in Somerville.  A top show and the kind of thing that reminds one why experience trumps youth any day of the week.  The band was so tight, the energy was so there, it was truly a hypnotic evening.  

Was fortunate enough the interview the living legend for upcoming issue of my fancy new magazine - Rocker (are you on our Twitter feed yet?).  Here's some nice video from the show, showing he who produced every record you ever loved, kicking it with "To Be, Cool Thing" from his 2007 release Dynamico, and monumental pop single, "Every Word Means No".


Anonymous said...

thanks for the clips! the openers, boy genius and one happy island, were awesome, too...fantastic night all around.

cottageorgan said...

Mitch Easter still alive and well and doing it...great!! I wonder if he's considering a New Zealand tour..HMM, doubt it. A

mzamar said...

Hey there mitch fans, I will have my interview with him up soon at In fact, next week!